A Good Night’s Sleep: Try Franny’s calming pre-bedtime ritual | Franny's Farmacy

“My rituals help increase my appreciation for the day’s experiences,” says Franny’s Farmacy Co-Founder Franny Tacy. “They transform mundane experiences, such as getting ready for bed and the anxiety of whether I will sleep well, and provide an emotional and rewarding way to celebrate the day — no matter how small or big.”

Franny’s bedtime ritual helps keep her centered. At the end of long, hectic days running a thriving hemp farm and product business, she finds a sense of renewal and purpose in knowing her nighttime routine awaits her every evening.

Finding space in her busy schedule to unwind isn’t always easy, which is why Franny has always been intentional about setting aside an hour a day for herself in the evenings, often beginning with a warm cup of chamomile hemp tea.

“One of the most common reasons for tea consumption is the powerful ability of its ingredients to aid in relaxation,” she says. Humans have used chamomile medicinally for hundreds of years for ailments ranging from hay fever and nausea to inflammation and fevers. Today, the flowering plant is often sought out for its soporific effects, making it a logical addition to Franny’s nighttime ritual.

Chamomile is a great companion plant for hemp, as it deters insects and attracts essential pollinators. Franny’s Farmacy and its contracted growers have been growing chamomile alongside their hemp, and Franny hopes to begin selling chamomile-infused products at Franny’s Farmacy soon.

Every night, Franny’s husband and Franny’s Farmacy Co-Founder Jeff Tacy rolls a hemp flower cigarette, which Franny and Jeff share. CBD hemp flower, when smoked, provides a fast delivery of CBD’s effects. As Franny says, it’s “instant relaxation.”

CBD tinctures provide slower, longer-lasting relief than smokable CBD hemp, so Franny uses a half dropper of 1,000 mg tincture every night, too. She credits the tincture with helping her sleep through the night and avoid night sweats.

On especially luxurious evenings, Franny likes to pop a CBD bath bomb into a warm bath and soak for a while. “The bath bomb is amazing after a long day of farm work,” she says. “It’s a special treat that I give myself occasionally when I need all over relief from pain. Simply taking a bath can have an overwhelming relaxing benefit.”

A few times a week, Franny applies a turmeric CBD face mask, which “tingles, tightens and moisturizes,” and every night, she applies anti-aging face cream to her face and neck. (Hear Franny talk about these products on ABC News.)

Before sinking into bed for a restful slumber, Franny says words of gratitude and reads her favorite meditations.

“My rituals are very personal and have evolved over the years,” she says. “What worked in the past became less effective as my stress and anxiety began to affect my sleep. It’s not the destination, but the journey. I continue to evolve as I conscientiously move through life.”

How do you relax at the end of a long day? Get in touch and let us know!

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