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Our Story is Your Story

While Franny’s Farmacy continues to see success with its franchise dispensary business, the reach of these stores is matched by the number of business partners that are reselling Franny’s Farmacy products.

The majority of the country has yet to learn about the quality of our products – and that’s where you come in as a reseller. You have an opportunity to purchase our products and resell them at a substantial profit – capitalizing on the success, quality, and recognition of our brand – which can elevate your brand as well.

We offer drop-shipping, private label and wholesale partnerships with minimal costs and commitment. Our partnerships are straight-forward, easy to understand, and efficient so that you may hit the ground running.

Full-spectrum cannabis derivatives had a revitalization in 2019.  Valued and promoted by doctors and patients alike, CBD is one of many of these derivatives to be considered a revolutionary, non-psychoactive substance.  As a result, Cannabis and CBD businesses continue to reach new heights as one of the fastest growing industries in America.

$14 billion dollars of projected growth by 2026 – in cannabinoid-based products alone.  And it doesn’t stop there!  Cannabis has the potential to revolutionize industries like textiles, building materials, plastic, fuel and others as well.

The Franny’s Difference

Franny’s brand offers a high-profile, mission-driven brand with national press.

Franny’s controls its supply chain with vertical integration, eliminating risk while increasing product quality and customer loyalty.

Franny’s backs their products by certificates of analysis (COAs) provided by a DEA-certified testing facility.
Obtains financial expertise required to provide guidance around credit card authorization, point of sale, lending, insurance, etc.

Franny’s offers continuing education/training that includes: buyers’ guides, product descriptions, consumer data, video tutorials, technology insights, and more.

Franny’s provides marketing expertise to navigate how to digitally market your business and the regulatory requirements therein.

Franny’s provides a data backed, revenue growth strategy.

Franny’s supports you with easy fulfillment (simple products, pricing & ordering process).

Franny’s Farmacy offers the total package. Vertically integrated, franchisees are lifted and supported by every aspect of the business. Franny’s controls their entire CBD supply chain: farms, processing plants, manufacturing, and distribution (which is rare) – ensuring consistency, quality and availability – from plant to sale.There are many CBD suppliers out there, from small businesses to corporate giants. Small businesses can struggle to support demand and provide consistently high quality products. Corporate giants, aside from lacking soul, often source low quality, un­regulated, industrially manufactured CBD from impoverished countries, to keep profits high.

Franny’s Farmacy businesses are based on years of experience and knowledge and inturn providing value to their Cannabis and CBD products that is trusted and supported by their successful eCommerce and franchise dispensary model.

Who is Franny?

Still Not Convinced?

Consider our additional competitive advantages:

Better Products
  • CO2 extraction to create our products.
  • Fresh, small batch products.  Therapeutic grade essential oils and 99% organic ingredients.
  • Locally sourced, full-spectrum hemp oil (not isolates, unless an isolate product)
  • Specific product lines for Beginners, Women, Men, Pets, Seniors, Athletes and others.
  • Unique items like Hemp Beard Oil, Baby Products, or CBD Face Masks
Simple Business Process + CBD Consumer Data.
  • Straight forward, simple agreements and path to partnership.
  • High Quality product images and product descriptions.
  • Technical meeting with Web Developer (as necessary)
  • CBD Consumer Data from a leader in the industry, to help you market to an ever evolving audience of consumers.
Legal Compliance
  • Franny’s routinely monitors and engages the FDA regarding CBD warning letters sent to its competitors, so that we remain compliant.  
  • We go out of our way to avoid making direct medical claims, citing customer testimonials in their place, to aid the prospect and customer experience.

But Wait, There’s More!

Committed to helping you succeed, we do all that we can to make it easy for you to focus on sales and services.

In-Depth Operations and Marketing Training

Marketing Systems to Help you Sell

Simple Supply Chain

Close Vendor Relationships

Centralized Billing System

We’ve built a system enabling you to part-time it or scale up without extra “paperwork overhead”


Average cost to start the business

Type of Expenditure Amount Method of Payment When Due To Whom Payment is Made
Drop-Ship & Private Label To Be Determined Check, Debit or Credit Before Shipping Franny's Farmacy
Wholesale $250 Minimum Order Check, Debit or Credit Before Shipping Franny's Farmacy

Get In Touch and Follow These Steps:

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1 Day

Complete Franny’s Paperwork

1 – 3 Days

Receive Product Images & Descriptions

1 Day

Connect Technology to Franny’s Farmacy

14 Day

Sell Franny's!


What does the Franny’s Farmacy brand feel like?


  • Earned several million dollars in revenue.
  • Earned the investment of over $420,000 across 500+ supporters (check out our Franny’s Manufacturing StartEngine campaign here [link])
  • Opened 7 dispensary stores across 4 states, while launching 15 wholesale products.
  • Established commercial accounts across the nation, with many more on the way!

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