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Why Franny’s

Humble Beginnings 

Franny Tacy was raised with farming in her blood. She grew up in Nashville, TN, to a cattle-farming father and a banking executive mother. These early histories planted agricultural roots – it is here where Franny’s passion for plant medicine and regenerative agriculture began.

Franny left her family’s farm to begin a forestry program at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, where she found another farm to call home. While in college, she and a group of friends moved to a farm and developed it with gardens and animals, hosting a monthly “Full Moon Festival,” and getting involved in agricultural crop research.

She then completed a graduate degree in education at Tennessee State University. After four years of teaching, Franny moved to Asheville, NC, and had a successful career in pharmaceutical sales managing a $10 million territory for over 12 years.

Franny’s frustration with what she calls the “unhealthcare system” inspired her to return to the land. It was a three-year process on her path from “Pharma to Farm” before Franny quit her corporate career to focus on building a new endeavor – a business that brought together her passions to care for the land and to help others lead healthy lives.

In 2012, Franny took a leap of faith and bought uncultivated land in Leicester, North Carolina, creating Franny’s Farm. Franny’s agricultural background and professional career in sales and marketing prepared her for the magic that was soon to happen.


As Franny partnered with agricultural researchers in her work on the farm, she discovered the power of the hemp plant as a vital element of plant medicine, regenerative agriculture practices, and sustainable industry. In 2017, Franny planted hemp varieties for food and fiber, and without knowing, became the first female hemp farmer in North Carolina in over 75 years.

Seed to Shelf, Hemp & Health


In 2018, Franny pivoted to hemp varieties grown for cannabinoid production and opened her first Franny’s Farmacy Dispensary in downtown Asheville, NC.

As demand grew from Franny’s Farmacy customers, it was crucial to scale the business while retaining the high standards that were set early by the company.

Franny has cultivated relationships with Western North Carolina farmers with shared values to grow her hemp to guarantee the source of every product is known and trusted. This, combined with testing all products through a third-party, DEA-certified lab, ensures Franny’s Farmacy upholds the highest standard for safety and quality in an unregulated market.

The Franny’s Farmacy Difference


Today Franny’s Farmacy is a vibrant, ever-evolving cannabis business that is rigorously expanding across the Southeast and beyond. Franny is recognized as a trailblazer in the hemp industry as she leads the company in new possibilities within this emerging market.

Ultimately all of this work, which humbly began on a farm in the Appalachian Mountains, advances Franny’s vision to bring the hemp plant to the people, for thriving wellness, sustainable industry, and renewed soil across our land.

What else sets Franny’s Farmacy apart from the rest?


Franny’s Farmacy’s CBD oil is extracted from organic hemp plants. We never use fillers or unnecessary ingredients.  We work with reputable manufacturers that operate in certified, inspected facilities. Best of all, we’re setting the standard in the industry by offering a full-spectrum distillate in all of our products. Simply put?  Rather than using “CBD isolate” (AKA, a single cannabinoid), Franny’s Farmacy products provide exposure to an array of cannabinoids, creating a more pleasurable experience known as the entourage effect, for our customers. 

And we don’t stop there…

Beyond creating an excellent product, Franny’s Farmacy wants to ensure its customers are educated about exactly how to use what they purchase. Our staff is full of energy and eager to answer any questions customers may have.  Having helpful personnel available has helped de-mystify the CBD experience for many first time consumers, particularly those that are older, who may have been turned off in the past by less professional CBD companies.

For Franny and her employees, connection is key: Touching people’s lives through education and understanding matters just as much as any other piece of the puzzle, and sets Franny’s Farmacy apart as a true gem of any community.


We have aligned our values with the seven Chakras as a framework for our company’s holistic wellness.

High Vibes

Crown – Purple : “The state of joy one achieves when a person’s actions and beliefs are aligned and all the pieces of their life have integrity and love at its core.” At Franny’s, we strive toward alignment in all our areas of our business with integrity and love at our center.


Third Eye – Indigo : Our company was founded after two years of education and research in the hemp industry. Particularly in an unregulated market where new cannabis research emerges daily, teaching others about the power of the hemp plant so they can use it effectively and responsibly is of utmost importance to us.


Throat – Blue : Transparency coupled with accountability ensure we uphold integrity in our business. We communicate truthfully to our customers and to each other. We work with reputable manufacturers that operate in certified, inspected facilities. We invite third party regulatory agencies to evaluate our products because we desire the highest quality, regulated, safe product experience for our customers.


Heart – Green : Compassion is at our center, for both people and for the earth. It drives everything we do. We recognize the power of the hemp plant to change people’s lives for the better, so we’re on a mission to share this healing plant with others. And we understand how growing hemp regenerates our soil so other crops can flourish as well, ultimately restoring our land and providing healthier food for us all.


Solar Plexus – Yellow : We are often in uncharted territory in the cannabis landscape, an industry wrought with stigma and a complicated history. We are confident in the power of the hemp plant to change lives, so we move forward with courage as we build our business and share this plant with the world.


Sacral – Orange : We are trailblazers in the hemp industry, driven by creativity and imagination. We recognize the endless possibilities within the hemp plant, and we are poised to learn and try new approaches, whether that means developing a new cannabinoid isolate product, or creating clothing from hemp.


Root – Red : We believe that ultimate health and well being is rooted in community. We need each other to thrive. This is why we are always building new partnerships and collaborating with others as we research and advocate for the hemp plant. Also, we love giving back to our communities.


Hands in the soil and arms filled with flower, we are passionate about growing a selection of cannabinoid wellness products that promote a healthy body and mind. As farmers, we are committed to the highest standards for growing, harvesting and processing hemp. Our goal is to bring you quality products crafted with care.



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