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Franny's Farmacy Alpharetta

“Franny’s Farmacy Spotlight Carolina with Pharmacist Zan”
posted Dec. 19 2021 / WLOS

Proudly serving the Alpharetta, GA area with quality CBD products from seed-to-sale.


Franny’s is excited to announce the opening of our franchise location in Alpharetta, Georgia, at 13800 Unit 3031 C. With our flagship store in Asheville, North Carolina, branching out into Alpharetta provides us with the opportunity to do what we love: enrich the lives of our customers throughout the country by offering our high-quality CBD products. You already trust the brand, and now, it’s even more convenient to access.  

Welcome to Franny’s Farmacy Alpharetta. We are a woman-owned health and wellness brand that offers natural hemp products. Serving the North Atlanta area: Alpharetta, Milton, Cumming, Roswell, Dunwoody and beyond! 

Our goal is to spread the power of the hemp plant with our community & to provide a safe and natural way to promote wellness. When you are looking for CBD near me, stop in and visit with our expertly trained staff at Franny’s Farmacy Alpharetta. We are always excited to answer your questions about CBD & how it could benefit you. Not only do we have knowledgeable & certified Budtenders, but our owner is a Pharmacist dedicated to helping you with your natural wellness journey! Once you meet our professional, friendly, educated team, you will make Franny’s Alpharetta your CBD store! Full spectrum CBD products are all available for our experts to help you with. For those looking for specific desires, we are excited to announce our new categories, Boost, Restore, Unwind and Delta-8; our new functional blends that are designed with you in mind. Our customers tell us that Franny’s Farmacy products have helped with multiple ailments such as focus, sleep and energy.

“Throughout my 30 years of working in a traditional pharmaceutical setting, the amount of prescription opioids and sleep medication that were dispensed is gut-wrenching. When opening the doors to Franny’s Farmacy here in Alpharetta, my goal is to help make an even greater impact on people’s health and wellbeing by providing them with safer, plant-based, natural alternatives that can help them achieve their wellness goals,” says Zan Karim, Pharmacist, Owner/Operator of Franny’s Farmacy of Alpharetta. 

When you walk into Franny’s Farmacy Alpharetta, you’ll notice we have a variety of different CBD products to help meet your individual needs (plus the needs of your furry companion). We offer CBD lotions, Hemp Flower, CBD Gummies, Hemp Oil Tinctures, Delta 8 edibles, CBD Pet Treats + Shampoo Bars, Hemp Teas, Delta 8 Seltzers and more! Meet with the Franny’s Farmacy Alpharetta Georgia team today and let us help you figure out which CBD product and dosage works best for you!

You can keep up-to-date with all special events and sales by following our social media @FrannysFarmacyAlpharetta. We hope to see you soon!

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Zan’s Feature in Authority Mag  READ ARTICLE HERE

Forozan “Zan” Karim, is the Owner/Operator of Franny’s Farmacy in Alpharetta, GA. Zan’s heart-led dedication to compassionate patient care throughout her 30 year pharmaceutical career drove her to dive deeper into the science behind the transformational benefits that hemp and CBD have to offer. 

After discovering Franny’s Farmacy and what the brand stands for, Zan decided to jump onboard to make an even bigger and better impact on people’s lives. She pivoted away from traditional pharmacy, which included dispensing drugs such as opioids, anti-anxiety, and sleeping medication, to advocate and provide products that come from the earth and help individuals truly find homeostasis with the mind, body and soul, rather than just mask symptoms. 

An Alpharetta local, Zan brings an abundance of enthusiasm, compassion, and scientific insight from hemp-wellness into her community. 

Pharmacist and Franchisee Owner of Franny's Farmacy Alpharetta
“Absolutely love this place! I suffer from anxiety so I am always looking for more natural methods and this is it! I purchased gummies, bath bombs, and honey for my tea. Great prices! Excellent customer service! You must go! Check them out!”
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