Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture for Pets (200mg) | Franny's Farmacy

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture for Pets (200mg)

We are so excited to announce our pet tincture is now available!

This 200mg tincture comes in a handy pump top to deliver broad spectrum hemp oil easily to your furry friends!

Each spray contains 1mg of CBD.

  • Animal Cruelty Free
  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • Pet Safe
  • Small Batches

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Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil

Are all CBD oils the same?

We often find ourselves asked why buy a hemp CBD oil from Franny’s, instead of purchasing a cheaper option? The cannabis space is crowded, and it can be tough to decide how to get started using CBD. Our Hemp Oil is small batch produced by a talented Asheville processor, using a clean, CO2 extraction method. The flower is grown organically in the sun and soil of Western North Carolina, with love and personal attention to each plant from Franny herself. Every year, Franny hosts shamans to come and pray over each plant, blessing them and setting healing intentions at a cellular level.

Why buy Franny's Farmacy Hemp Oil Tincture?

We support local farmers and growers by using hemp flower and herbs grown on our farm. Franny is a strong voice in the local hemp movement, supporting both farmers and patients rights to health. We develop long term relationships with our affiliate farmers, and provide fair and equal employment to our teammates. By purchasing Franny’s Hemp Oil Tincture, you are supporting USA agriculture and small businesses. 

Franny’s Farmacy Hemp Oil Tinctures are grown and processed in the USA, and are fully compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill regulations. All of Franny’s Farmacy products are third party laboratory tested for pesticide, mold, heavy metals, and cannabinoid profiles.

Customer Reviews

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Martin Fenwick

Great web site


Aaron Lipcon

Great but….

My real issue is I continue to support Frannys but receive no communication around stock I own in Franny’s. I have tried to contact but no response…. Just looking for update or if I write it off ..

Thanks in advance

Aaron Lipcon




Martha Mckenzie


So helpful - appreciate the product for my sweet older dog


Mary B

Still watching

I'm still watching to see how this works for my pup. My frustration has been the spray bottle is useless so I'm going to use a dropper. Also, had hoped for some guidance on how much to use for small dog. On the other hand, the CBD I ordered for myself is working well. Thank you for asking.


Cynthia Zahnd

Not any changes to date with Peyton's lumps on front leg but not giving up yet. He is resting well at nite et no problem with spraying it on his evening meal kibbles. Will keep monitoring et appreciate you checking!