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Full Spectrum Hemp Healing Lip Balm (10mg)

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Franny’s Farmacy 10mg Full Spectrum Lip Balm is a rich, lovely hemp based formula for all.

This blend promotes healing for chapped lips through CBD’s anti-inflammatory and moisturizing benefts, as well as cooling values from the peppermint and rosemary oil blend.


  • CBD for hydration and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Use as lip balm or lipstick primer
  • Coconut Oil and Shea Butter for moisturizing
  • Beeswax for environmental protection
  • Minty, herbal aroma from Peppermint and Rosemary essential oils

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Why use a CBD Lip Balm?

Lip balm serves to not only heal damage already done by cold weather, sun, or the like but can also serve to protect from those same environmental threats before the damage is done. CBD is known for its strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant qualities. Heal sun damage, windburn, or cold-induced cracking with a rich blend of oils and CBD. Use daily to heal, prep, or use as a primer before your lipstick routine.

Why buy Franny’s 10mg Full Spectrum Lip Balm?

We value high quality and full transparency. You will never find silly gimmicks with our products. We support locals by purchasing from local farmers, makers, and craftspeople whenever possible. Purchasing from Franny’s means that you are joining a family of hemp-y clients, all benefitting from the healing attributes of the hemp plant. Being a part of our family means that not only will you be guaranteed a high-quality, high-value product, but you have the chance to hear about sales and coupon codes first! Be sure to keep an eye out for our weekly newsletter for new product offerings and opportunities to grab a great deal! Welcome to the Framily!

Franny’s Farmacy 10mg Full Spectrum Lip Balm is a product that our customers continue to return to over and over again. Carefully blended and created in small batches, for your health and wellness.

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Lynch
Lip balm

I have had a problem with dry lips my entire life
I can now wear lipstick thanks to your product
I will definitely order more

Katie Merritt
Lip balm


Hemp Healing Lip Balm

Great lip balm!

Kim Lassiter
Very Hydratng

Very hydrating!! My clients live it.

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