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Celebrating the Full Moon: Infuse Your Ritual with Franny’s Farmacy Hemp

As the Full Moon graces our night sky once again, we stand at the pinnacle of the lunar cycle – a powerful time to weave our intentions into the fabric of the universe’s energy. At Franny’s Farmacy, we deeply honor the profound influence of this celestial event in amplifying our capacity to manifest. Here’s how to enrich your Full Moon ritual with a touch of CBD-infused enchantment, exploring three of our exceptional offerings: Hemp Bath Bomb, CBD-Infused Tea, and CBD Oil.



🌕 Hemp Bath Bomb: Immerse in Lunar Radiance

Picture yourself immersed in a bath that harmonizes seamlessly with the moonlit expanse. Our Full-Spectrum Hemp Bath Bomb is enriched with a careful blend of essential oils, skin friendly oils, and antioxidant rich CBD, including hemp flower grown in the North Carolina sun and soil at Franny’s Farm. It offers a relaxation that resonates in the depths of your being. As you soak away the day’s energies, allow the subtle fragrance to enfold you, guiding your senses to a place of profound serenity. Just as the moon’s gravitational interplay influences tides, so too does your communion with water reflect in your inner tides. As you soak, infuse your bath with your deepest intentions, and emerge from the waters reinvigorated, poised to materialize your aspirations.

CBD Bath Bombs


🌙 Hemp-Infused Tea: Crown Chakra Activation

Raise your tea cup in a salute to the moon’s luminosity with our Hemp-infused Crown Chakra Tea. Expertly crafted to seamlessly complement your Full Moon ritual, this blend unites the calming essence of CBD with a symphony of fragrant botanicals to ease the mind & calm the body. With each mindful sip, visualize your intentions taking root and blossoming, mirroring the moon’s subtle influence on the ebb and flow of Earth’s rhythms. The Crown Chakra is associated with the Full Moon because it is said to enhance intuition, psychic awareness, and spiritual connection, as well as cleanse. You may also choose any of our 7 chakra teas to connect to the chakra associated with this particular full moon.

Canna Cafe 7 Chakra Teas


⭐ CBD Hemp Oil: Ignite Your Inner Luminary

Tap into the cosmic forces with our premium full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, a versatile  ally for your Full Moon ritual. Just a few drops beneath your tongue invite equilibrium and harmony into your being. Just as the moon’s gravitational pull shapes the rise and fall of tides, hemp oil nurtures the natural cadence of your body’s harmonies. Utilize this time to set intentions, meditate, or indulge in self-care rituals aligned with your loftiest purpose.

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The Full Moon extends an invitation to embrace its radiant energy and synchronize with the celestial rhythm. By integrating Franny’s Farmacy hemp products into your ritual, you summon a harmonious fusion of nature’s gifts, fortifying your intentions.

May your encounter with the Full Moon be a magical experience, infused with metamorphosis, materialization, and vitality.

– The Franny’s Farmacy Collective