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Act Now: Protect Your Full-Spectrum Hemp Experience in Virginia!



Virginia’s hemp industry is on the verge of transformation with pending legislation. Don’t miss out on securing your favorite products at Franny’s Farmacy Nova before it’s too late!

Balancing safety & growth

Full-spectrum products provide a non-intoxicating experience due to other hemp compounds. The bill aims to ban products by capping the total amount of THC at 2 milligrams per package and 0.3% total THC. The new rules may restrict some full-spectrum products and potentially violate the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill, impacting small businesses like Franny’s Farmacy Nova.


Role of full-spectrum cbd products

Republican Senator Emmett Hanger defended full-spectrum CBD products, comparing them to a “rum cake with other ingredients”. Full-spectrum CBD products are unlikely to cause intoxication due to the presence of other hemp compounds. This allows consumers access to potential benefits within legal THC limits. Franny’s offers low dose options and hemp derived ingredients like the BoostRestore and Unwind lines

Franny's Original CBD Chocolate Bar (120mg)
Franny's Original CBD Chocolate Bar (120mg)


looking ahead

Secure your full-spectrum CBD experience before the legislation passes. Governor Youngkin’s amendments strike a balance, but concerns about restrictions and lawsuits remain. Act now to shape the future of hemp in Virginia.

In the meantime, stock up on Franny’s D9 products here.