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Celebrating Community and Connection at Franny’s Farm Fest 2023

We’re still buzzing with excitement and gratitude as we reflect on the incredible success of Farm Fest 2023! The joy and energy that you, our cherished community, brought to our farm was truly heartwarming. From the amazing local businesses to the countless smiling faces, your presence made this event a huge success. 

Franny's Farm Fest 2023

A day of love, connection and celebration

Thank you to everyone who joined us on this special day. We loved witnessing the connections being forged, the laughter that echoed through the fields, and the shared love for our farm and its revitalization. Opening our doors to you was a gesture of appreciation for your unwavering support and a testament to the power of community spirit.



Empowering workshops by local experts 

A standout feature of Farm Fest 2023 was the enriching workshops led by two remarkable local businesses – Sandy Bee Mine and Forest Farmacy. Forest Farmacy’s session on mushroom logging and foraging was a hit, providing attendees with valuable insights into the world of fungi. The workshop not only educated but also deepened our connection to the land and its natural wonders.

Sandy Bee Mine’s workshop offered attendees an opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of bees and their critical role in our farm’s ecosystem. Through hands-on experiences and expert guidance, participants left with a newfound appreciation for these incredible pollinators.


Culinary Delights and musical magic

Our taste buds were treated to an exceptional experience, thanks to the food truck by Pasta and Prana. Serving up hemp pancakes adorned with freshly picked blueberries from Franny’s Farm, the food truck was a true embodiment of our farm-to-table ethos. Thank you to Ukelele John for providing the delicious Big Deal Oatmeal at brunch as well. The flavors encapsulated the essence of our land and the dedication of local producers.

The musical backdrop to our festivities was lovingly provided by The Band Watkins. Their energy and talent elevated the event, keeping everyone entertained and engaged. A special shoutout to them for emceeing the event with flair and enthusiasm!



Embracing renewal & growth

As we bid farewell to Farm Fest 2023, we do so with immense gratitude in our hearts. Your presence, your curiosity, and your support are the driving forces behind the rebirth of Franny’s Farm. This event marked a significant milestone in our journey of growth, renewal, and community bonding. This was our first hosted public event on the farm since 2020. We cannot wait what the future holds. The success of Farm Fest 2023 has only fueled our determination to continue nurturing the bonds that make our community so special. We can’t wait to unveil new projects, collaborations, and events that will further deepen our connection with you, our amazing community.

Franny's Farm Fest 2023