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Franny’s Reviewed: Real Stories of Customer Satisfaction

Franny’s Farmacy has become a respected name in the wellness industry, renowned for its premium hemp-based products. Customers have shared their genuine feedback, expressing their delight and appreciation for the brand’s exceptional offerings. In this blog post, we present a selection of heartfelt reviews from satisfied Franny’s Farmacy customers, showcasing our commitment to seed-to-shelf quality and how that translates to customer satisfaction.


Yoga Mike

Yoga Mike

“An Incredible Solution for Chronic Pain”

Fredericka “I went into Franny Farmacy and they really helped me choose the products that help with my pain. The man Wes who helped me was a very caring person. I had pain with surgery and the inflammation really kept me in constant back pain. And now just that quick the product really helps with pain management.”

Glenn “My son told me about Franny’s and its products. I am a 66 yr. old man who just had Bone Spur Surgery on my foot. Dr. said I would have pain from Arthritis the rest of my life due to lack of cartilage in the joint of my toe. Alan gave his presentation of your products and sold me on 600 mg. full spectrum Healing Salve. Well… this stuff works!!! My wife has the same problems with both feet and we are able to WALK…PRACTICALLY PAIN FREE. ….Now the pain is not completely gone, but OUR Pain is way more manageable after only ONE day of use. Definitely going back to get more Liquid products to use internally to help with inflammation….I am sold on CBD.”


Frannys Farmacy Hemp CBD Tincture

“10/10 Would Recommend”

Ben S. “Franny is an amazing business leader and takes the time to make real connections with customers. Her kindness is reflected in Franny’s Farmacy. 10/10.”




“Hailing the Healing Powers of the Hemp Healing Salve”

Sarah “I love all of the products at Franny’s Farmacy but there are two that I REALLY love. For one, I worship the healing powers of the hemp healing salve. If my hip hurts, my neck, my back, I put on some salve and its gone. Sometimes my kids wake up in the middle of the night with growing pains. I rub some salve on their knees or wherever and they are good to go. The other product that works wonders is the full spectrum hemp oil. My husband and I like it for it’s calming properties but I have also used it on my daughter who has anxiety at bedtime and it has helped her SO much. She doesn’t need it anymore but it helped her get through a rough time. We love Franny’s!”


“Exemplary Customer Care”

Ag Ha. “This place is glowing with an amazing team. Not only are the members of Franny’s Farm professional and knowledgable, they provide a high quality products. They participate in the local community by collaborating with other businesses and by attending events, educating the public on this medicine that helps the body heal. Local made products found here! Check out their downtown location (with parking!)”