Honoring Memorial Day | Franny's Farmacy

Honoring Memorial Day

Celebrating one of our own!

To celebrate Memorial Day the Franny way, we sat down with Franchisee, Frank Berry in Augusta, Georgia to ask him a few questions about his military experience, and what CBD has meant to him.
Frank, what did serving your country mean to you?
“It was a great honor and meant everything to me. The military runs all through my family and with that, my father swore me in back in May of 2000. The military taught me many intangible skills. I also gained some lifelong friends during my 20-year career.”
What about CBD? What does owning a dispensary mean to you?
“This is a loaded question for me and that’s because of my daily struggles. I have many good days with many bad ones as well. Being able to have a natural way to combat negative thoughts has been very key in my business life.
Being a veteran, I know what it’s like to serve near and far. I know the toll it takes on the vet and the family. I am an advocate for the veteran community, and I hope to help all those that come to me. Even if it’s just to talk, I’m there.”
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Frank Berry of Augusta