Best CBD for Pain in 2022

Best CBD for Pain in 2022

How does full spectrum CBD relieve pain?

Today we’re going to be talking about the use of CBD in pain.

So how can Full Spectrum CBD relieve pain?

We know that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects and acts on the endocannabinoid system to help release serotonin, noreprinephrine, and dopamine, which is potentially what gives the effect of pain relief in the body.

Frannys Farmacy Hemp CBD Tincture
What kind of pain are we treating?

Is it constant pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia?

In this case, we would recommend taking CBD on a daily basis to constantly help with that pain. Our Full Spectrum CBD tincture is perfect for this, as you can start low and go slow to find the sweet spot to help with your pain issues.

We suggest taking the tincture twice a day to ensure you have full coverage throughout your body.

What if I just have aches and pains once in awhile?

In this case, we would suggest the gummy, as it’s convenient, easy to take with you, and easy to ingest. 


What if I just have sore joints and muscle aches and don’t want to take anything internally?

For these types of issues, we recommend our healing salve, or our healing lotion. These topical applications of CBD help reach those aches and pains from a surface level.

For larger areas on the body, the healoing lotion would be your best bet because it goes on smoother and can be spread out more evenly. However if it’s perhaps a joint or a very local area, the salve works incredibly in sticking to you and stayin on that spot, effectively helping in a matter of minutes.

Hemp Healing Lotion
Hemp Healing Salve
So why use Franny’s CBD products?


At Franny’s, we control the entire process from where the hemp is grown, to how our products are manufactured, to when they are sold off our shelves.

We also produce a wide range of products including edibles, tinctures, oils, topicals, and flower – all different ways you can use our products to suit your needs.

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How do I know Franny’s Farmacy products work?

We have customers who come back in and tell us they’re taking the tincture for pain, and that they practically can’t function in the morning until they take it.

Other customers have told us they use the salve to rub on their knees to get them walking and going in the morning.

It’s that customer experience of sharing with us how our products have been benefiting them with their health and wellness, that motivates us to continue sharing these incredible benefits of CBD.