No More Bear Shaped Gummy Edibles at Franny's Farmacy

No More Bear Shaped Gummy’s at Franny’s!

Forecasted to be a regulation in due time as we’ve seen in states such as Colorado and California, Franny mentioned to the team “No More Bears!”.🧸

We needed a new gummy mold, something that better represents our brand and does not mimic mainstream media candy. Sample after sample, we found our match with Dark City Molds, a local to Asheville vertically integrated confection house based in the mountains of North Carolina.. Just like us! All of their molds are mixed and poured by hand in their facility.. Also just like us! A match made in heaven..  

These disk shaped, logo engraved gummy’s ensure deliciousness in each bite. Strategically crafted with only the best and most natural ingredients. We also removed the outer sugar coating to minimize the sugar intake with your health in mind! Thanks to our amazing Manufacturing team and Dark City Molds we couldn’t be happier with the new look!⁠

All natural with long lasting effects! Be sure to grab these fan favorites at your local Franny’s Farmacy or online on our website.