Celebrating Women's History Month at Franny's Farmacy

Celebrating Women’s History Month at Franny’s

In honor of celebrating #womenshistorymonth, we wanted to share the importance of community. ⁠We believe that ultimate health and well being is rooted in community. We need each other to⁠ thrive.⁠ This month we are honoring women in our community who have influenced Franny with their leadership, compassion, and generosity.⁠

As the month of March creeped into our horizon, the team started poking around asking Franny, “Besides your team of powerful woman, who are some local women of Asheville that you feel most inspired and empowered by?”, without hesitation she says “Absolutely my team” and as flattering as that is, our immediate response was “OK and who else?” and these are some of the women she mentioned and what they have to say..

Meet Shay, a passionate creative visionary for @shaybrownevents⁠ a wedding & event planning company that believes each event should reflect the character of the client not the desire of the planner. You might also know her from the food and wine industry as the festival director for @chowchow_avl. She is a multi-dimensional talented woman who Franny is grateful to call a friend.⁠ Together they have collaborated to host many events and weddings at Franny’s Farm.

“Building a network of strong women is essential to growth, development and provides a support system, a sounding board of powerful enterprise, and it is how you determine your net worth. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing powerful badass women like Frances Tacy,  Brandi Hillman , Mariah Gunther and so many others… Together we will make a difference. “ -Shay Brown ⁠of Shay Brown Events

Meet Laura, a Woman of integrity and value. Continuously contributing to the community personally with her time and energy of hosting a podcast and professionally assisting in over two decades of wealth management.

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”Sara Blakely

“This quote by Sara Blakely makes me think of Franny, her journey and her story… All of us can second guess ourselves but when you have the power of your female business owner posse on your side, nothing can stop you.”Laura Webb of Webb Investments


Meet Janelle, the CEO of Mother Earth Food which supports over 300 farmers. Sourcing products from the region’s vibrant farms and food vendors in every county of North Carolina and surrounding states based on seasonality. Its mission is to co-create resilient local food systems for the health of our bodies, our communities and our planet. All reasons as to why Franny’s admires what they do and the reason as to why we have teamed up with M.E.F. to carry our latest Franny’s Farm Foods, Hemp infused pasta by Pasta and Prana.

“Women supporting Women is imperative for success in the business world and in the world at large. By encouraging and empowering each other in our endeavors, we remember that together we are powerful forces of change.” –Janelle Tatum, CEO of Mother Earth Food


We honor our fearless leader, Franny Tacy, for being the first female farmer to grow hemp on the east coast in 75 years. For her ability to leap and strive for a better world. For the time and effort she has put into building a sustainable, honest and genuine company that constantly keeps consideration of the collective.

Women empowering women is an integral mission at Franny’s Farmacy and we continue to shape pathways of leadership to be the vision we want to see in the world. We are grateful for the support of the community for seeing Franny’s drive and vision to make it accessible to help heal everyone who comes into our doors. Together we will help shift the stigma of the plant while changing the world together. ⁠


Written by the Women of Franny’s Executive Team