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Facebook “Weeding Out” Entrepreneurs and Hemp Consumers

Cannabis consumers and business owners have heard for a long time now, Facebook has a “War on Weed” and the platform does not want our business. It appears to be true. Where is capitalism and freedom of speech in the social media marketplace? 

Hemp and CBD are federally legal in the United States and have been since the Hemp Farming Act1 was signed into law on December 20, 2018.  Franny Tacy, our founder, was heavily involved in the development of this legislation and was on the floor of congress when it passed.  

Today, you can find commercially produced Hemp and CBD products at your average corner drug and grocery stores in 46 states, yet, Facebook continues to misclassify these products as illegal.  Facebook has stated that it allows non-injestible Hemp advertising in the press2, yet, Franny’s continue to get declined and are unable to activate any programs against their Hemp product lines.  When we ask what the issue is, the response is “This ad can’t run because it promotes prescription or recreational drugs,  which is against our Advertising Policies. Ads like these are sensitive in  nature and are usually contrary of local laws, rules or regulations.” End of story.  No recourse. No appeal. No progress.  There is no documentation about Hemp on their business websites and even internal representatives cannot find an answer regarding their “official policy.”

The worst part about Facebook’s hands-off approach is that it stunts the growth of an industry that is bringing back sustainable agriculture and providing valuable natural alternatives to chemically based products.  This not only suppresses the ability of smaller producers to be discovered, but ultimately impacts the demand for Hemp crops that have the potential to save struggling farms. 

Facebook needs to reevaluate their policies and come clean with a true position on Hemp.

What does a national hemp company like Franny’s Farmacy do when the social media giants refuse to let you advertise hemp products, products as benign those in the local drug stores? Where’s the commitment to small businesses who leverage their platforms day in and day out?

We continue to create meaningful content for consumers, fight the injustice of cannabis discrimination and take the high road knowing this industry is not business as usual.  Ultimately, our products serve our customers needs and stand out for their quality. We know this, and we will continue to try to make sure Facebook does too. 

1- https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/2667/text

2- https://digiday.com/marketing/facebook-tweaking-policy-cbd-ads/

About Franny’s Farmacy

Franny’s Farmacy’s are federally legal Hemp and CBD Dispensaries located in multiple states and based out of Asheville, NC. Our founder, Franny Tacy, is the first woman to plant hemp in NC, the first TedX speaker on “hemp as a crop,” and has received numerous awards, been featured on FOX, VICE, ABC, NBC and speaks across the country as an advocate for hemp.

Franny is the poster child for ethical cannabis business practices and has set standards for barcodes, testing protocols for smokable hemp, labeling and marketing. Franny’s Farmacy is deemed an “essential business” and has implemented protocols to continue to help customers by incentivizing online orders with free shipping, accepting phone orders and curbside pick-up at our dispensaries along with sanitation protocols and limiting numbers of customers.