Know Your Hemp Strains: A Look at Our Cherry Wine Strain

Know Your Hemp Strains: A Look at Our Cherry Wine Strain

If you’re an avid CBD user, you probably already know that not all hemp is created equal. Each variety — or “strain” — of the plant is developed to emphasize certain characteristics. From potency and origin to aroma and color, you can choose your unique strain depending on the effects you desire. We grow several high-quality, CBD-heavy strains right here at Franny’s Farm, but one of our all-time favorites is Cherry Wine.

Cherry Wine CBD Strain

Cherry Wine was originally bred by Tree of Life Seeds as a fragrant mix between parent strains “The Wife” and “Charlotte’s Cherries”. When smoked, these fresh-and-fruity hemp flower buds offer the palate of a “complex cherry floral frame layered with pine skunk overtones,” but they’re known for so much more than their strong cherry flavor. The strain’s relaxing properties are especially potent, with an average of 20% CBD and always less than 0.3% THC. Fill up your glass (or vaporizer or rolling paper) with Cherry Wine to indulge in its mood-lifting and pain-relieving effects.

“We first found this CBD-heavy strain as it started to grow in popularity, along with a lot of others, which we chose as some of the main strains we carry,” says Franny. “Cherry Wine was one of the first high resin content hemp strains that can be grown for CBD products.”

Cherry Wine at Franny’s Farmacy

Cherry Wine became a perfect fit for us to use in our products because of its naturally high levels of CBD and cannabinoids: the active chemical compounds naturally found in cannabis plants, which are responsible for the effects that CBD has on the body. That’s why Cherry Wine is the main strain for Franny’s full spectrum hemp seed oil, the classic ingredient in all of her CBD goods, from lotions to face masks! But as the seasons change, so do the strains. The Franny’s Farmacy team is branching out and growing new types of hemp.

Know Your Hemp Strain

“The Cherry Wine strain is what we grew last year, and it is featured in all the Franny’s branded products. But this year we’re growing new strains, which include BAOX, Sour Space Candy, Special Sauce and many more,” says Franny. “We are most excited about the strain that Front Range Biosciences let us name ‘Abigail’ after our donkey on the farm. We will grow that strain next year!”

Your choice in hemp strain matters. Whether you’re getting your daily dose of CBD from smoking hemp flower or dropping tincture under your tongue, make sure you always choose a high-quality strain from a brand you trust.

What’s your favorite strain? Get in touch and let us know!