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Ultra Marathoner Pete Ripmaster On Benefits of CBD for Athletes


Pete Ripmaster is an experienced ultra-marathon runner, but after spending 26 days in the freezing Alaskan wilderness, the 2018 Iditarod Foot 1000 champion needed to level-up his post-race routine. He returned home to Asheville, NC, looking for an effective treatment to cope with such an intense trip. Following his friends’ advice, Ripmaster started using CBD and has never looked back.

Like many other athletes incorporating CBD into their active lifestyles to help relieve pre-marathon stress or to manage post-workout pain, he prioritizes finding products that are natural, high-quality, and preferably local. That’s why Franny’s Farmacy is his first and favorite source for CBD.

“When I knew that Franny’s took care of their products and grew them here in Asheville, and was a part of the whole start-to-finish … looking over it and making sure it’s top notch, it was a no-brainer for me,” says Ripmaster.

He saw immediate benefits after bringing home his first bottle of Franny’s CBD tincture. It provides long-lasting relief that lasts all day or night. Right away, he realized it was helping him with sleep all the way through the nights: something he hadn’t experienced consistently in years.

Ripmaster knows the importance of being well-rested and prepared for the next day’s training, but CBD plays a role in winding down after training, too.

“If my muscles are really sore and beat up, I’ll use the salve, which me and my wife swear by, just to help with inflammation and tightness or soreness of muscles. Long runs, things like that. When you’re done, it’s a great recovery.”

When he wants something more calming than creams or oils, Ripmaster likes to smoke hemp flower buds. This dose of CBD is grown on Franny’s Farm and can be rolled into papers.

“I find it takes the edge off a little bit, which for someone like me, who has a lot going on and has dealt with depression, it’s been a real big help. I want to be part of understanding more deeply what this plant can do for people.”

Ripmaster is a strong advocate of CBD after experiencing its many benefits for himself. We’re lucky to have customers like him here at Franny’s Farmacy, because his story is exactly the kind we’re here to support. It serves as just one example of why we craft high-quality products to cultivate the healing power of this incredible plant.

How has CBD helped you in your journey to wellness? Get in touch and let us know!