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CBD Oil: What Can it Do?

Not a “Magic Wand”

Hey friends!

I’m sure you have heard your friend or family member say it. “CBD oil has cured my….”, fill in the blank with your ailment. Unfortunately, CBD is not a magical wand that can fix all of your ailments.  For example, we see people in the dispensaries that are COPD, obese, have horrible dietary habits, don’t exercise, and take  multiple pharmaceutical medications. First and foremost, we are not doctors. So, if your condition is as precarious as described above, then we suggest visiting a licensed physician.

Can Be a Supplement to Healthier Lifestyle

However, if you live a generally active and healthy lifestyle, we feel CBD has a lot of benefits for you.  We have found lots of anecdotal evidence through our clients for over a year now. They come into our stores, and explain all the ways that CBD has helped improve their lives.  The most common stories we’ve heard involve success stories where CBD is helping with anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, mood swings, pain and sleep.

Good Night’s Sleep Can Fix A Lot

Unfortunately for humans, insomnia alone can exacerbate almost all the other conditions I’ve listed above.  A good-night sleep certainly won’t fix everything, but it definitely helps minimize provides a better baseline to be healthy, fit, and active. Fortunately, we are seeing lots of positive feedback regarding CBD’s ability to help improve sleep. Check out our Cherrywine strain, it’s amazing for sleep!

CBD: Without Side Effects?

The best thing about organic CBD products with no fillers is that we don’t see the side effects. We learn that medicines have side effects. It is way too common for Americans to have to take medicine to combat the side-effects of the original medicine they’re prescribed. This creates a ripple effect that causes individuals to take multiple medications per day for one ailment. One of my favorite ways to use CBD oil has been through vape pens. We just released our own line of vape products. They are super easy to use.

I’ll be bold and say, if you’re reading this blog, you have probably thought some of the same things throughout your own life. Big pharmacy has been getting rich from our sicknesses for decades. Therefore, they have no vested interest in curing you. Once you’re cured, you no longer are a paying customer. 

However, we are currently in a revolutionary phase of Cannabis history in this country.  However, due to lack of funding and access, cannabis research has stagnated. This has caused a deficiency in quality, unbiased research available. Unfortunately, the internet is a tough place to determine what is accurate versus what is not. My suggestion, come and visit us at one of our locations. Speak with one of qualified budtenders. They will guide you down the path to success with our CBD products.

Jeff Tacy – CEO – Franny’s brand