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CBD.  What’s all the rage?

Broken Healthcare system?

Why are people turning to CBD? It’s no secret that modern pharmaceuticals is causing massive side-effects and having unintended consequences. Americans are prescribed pills, only to suffer nasty side-effects from their perceived “cure”  It’s a vicious cycle, that keeps patients dependent on more and more pharmaceuticals.

Currently, CBD and the many benefits CBD purports have become a nationwide topic.  The problem is two-fold. First, a lack of information. Second, and possibly even worse, a flood of CBD products that aren’t what they claim to be.  Not sure? Keep reading to see how to learn!

How do I learn?

First, understand you need to go to the source. Your primary source of knowledge in the dispensary world is to speak to a professional bud tender.  Currently, the only way to interact with a qualified Bud Tender is to visit a dedicated CBD dispensary. Fortunately, we have 2 Asheville locations. Finally, avoid those capitalist retail shops selling mass-produced CBD products, as they don’t know what they’re selling.

My advice, spend some time researching the origin of your CBD. I would recommend knowing a good bit about what you’re buying.

Why Frannys?

Franny’s Farmacy is an extension of Franny’s Farm where CBD has grown for many years. Therefore, when using Franny’s product, you know where your medicine comes from.

Subsequently, vertical integration is a process of taking CBD from seed to sale.  Our CBD found in all of our products was grown in Asheville.  Additionally, we have farming, processing, manufacturing, packaging, wholesale and retail all within our umbrella of businesses.

Finally, I recommend making and educated and informed purchasing decisions.  Get your monies’ worth.  Support a brand that is producing quality products based on a foundation of ethics and morals.


Written by Jeff Tacy.  CFO of Franny’s Brand