CBD.  What’s all the rage?

Spend a day in one of the dispensaries and you’ll see why so many people are using CBD to treat a number of physical and psychological conditions. It’s no secret that modern pharmaceuticals are causing massive side-effects and having unintended consequences. It’s gotten so bad that people are being prescribed pharmaceuticals to treat the side-effects of the drugs that are intended to help what it is that they went in to get treated.  It’s a vicious cycle that keeps patients dependent on more and more pharmaceuticals.

Everyone is hearing about CBD and the many benefits CBD purports to provide.  The problem is a lack of information and even worse, a flood of CBD products that aren’t what they claim to be.  My advice to everyone considering a CBD regimen as part of their healthy lifestyle is to get educated. The best way to get educated is to read one of a few reliable books and seek the expertise of a qualified industry professional.

In the dispensary world the industry professionals are commonly called Bud Tenders.  The only way to interact with a qualified Bud Tender is to visit a dedicated CBD dispensary.  Not one of those capitalist retail shops selling mass-produced CBD products but one that understands what they are selling, where the products came from and what the products contain.  We’re seeing a flood of products hitting the market and I’m here to tell that not all CBD is created equal.

If you plan to spend your good hard-earned money on something that is intended to help you…I would recommend knowing a good bit about what it is you are buying.  The last place I would begin any journey into the CBD industry is an online purchase at a website that you are unfamiliar with.

Franny’s Farmacy is an extension of Franny’s Farm where CBD has been grown for many years. Knowing the origin of the raw materials and the care that went into every phase of CBD development is unique in this industry.  Knowing your source of medicine should be important in your purchasing decision.

Vertical integration is a process of taking CBD from Seed to Sale.  Our plants that produce the CBD found in all of our products never left our sight and meets all Block Chain requirements.  We have farming, processing, manufacturing, packaging, wholesale and retail all within our umbrella of businesses.

I would recommend making and educated and informed purchasing decision.  Get your moneys worth and support a Brand that is producing quality products based on a foundation of ethics and morals.


Written by Jeff Tacy.  CFO of Franny’s Brand