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We are about to enter a crucial time in the history of CBD and medical marijuana, and whether your name is eternalized amongst the pioneers or not depends on the decision you make today.

CBD has been revered and flocked to by doctors and patients alike, and has been considered to be a revolutionary, non-psychoactive substance that will only continue to explode to new heights in one of the fastest growing industries in America.

We’re talking 14 billion dollars of growth by 2026 in the CBD industry alone.

With the increasingly difficult process of getting quality CBD to vendors, it only takes 1 error to lose your spot in an industry where spots are extremely hard to find.

The biggest hurdle with most CBD suppliers is consistency, and that same hurdle will determine whether your business will last, or be forgotten as a casualty of the ‘CBD wild west’.

The products sold at gas stations and head shops greatly misrepresent the ingredients, and strengths of CBD, and that’s why many write it off as a fad. That’s until they try a quality product.

Here’s another issue. Even high-quality companies are constantly subjected to weak, inconsistent products due to hang-ups along the process, and one bad batch could tarnish your business’s reputation.

Even worse, many suppliers can’t meet the high-demand of quality CBD.

Picture This.

All of the money and effort you’ve spent on starting up and marketing your business has led a large amount of customers to your store.

You’ve had no complaints up till now, but this time, the new batch from your supplier is weak because of an error somewhere along the supply chain. Or imagine placing an order, only to be told they’re back ordered. It could be weeks until your order ships.

You’ve just lost the very fragile trust of your customers, and have potentially taken a hit you can’t recover from.

Mistakes like that are unforgivable when you look at the amount of competition you face.

There is no room for error.

The solution? Own all of it. With our decades of experience in the start-up world, we took control of the entire supply chain. We own the farms, the processing plants, manufacturing, and distribution.

Not only does that mean the lowest wholesale prices available, but it also ensures consistency in quality and the availability of as much stock as needed.

From A-Z, everything is proven and monitored. Our products go from plant to sale.

This makes one of our biggest selling points, simply because controlling the supply chain is almost impossible to do, and it ensures the two secrets to surviving and prospering in this industry: quality and consistency.

Your reputation, and the trust of your customers are some of your business’s most valuable assets, and our proven system was built to provide bulletproof protection.

That’s why our StartEngine investment campaign raised over $225,000 in a month.

Let’s let our results do the talking. In under 5 months we accomplished the following:

  • Raised $385,000 in revenue.
  • Opened 3 stores and launched 15 wholesale products.
  • 2 new dispensaries, and 2 new leases signed for large wholesale accounts.
  • 292 new investors behind the Franny family.
  • Wholesale accounts across multiple different states.
  • Weekly new wholesale amounts.
  • From local sales to nationally recognized pioneers.

Marketing is expensive, and in an industry that faces such extreme growth spurts, it is almost impossible for independent businesses to compete. Even the large businesses have a hard time keeping up.

Since we benefit from the margins of the entire market supply, our marketing budget is matched by none. And we refuse to win alone, we stand tall as a family. The Franny Family.

We did all the heavy lifting for you, and eliminated most of the risk in one of the most profitable industries in America. But it’s more than just profit to us……

We are all-American, and rely on experts in the national hemp scene. Our manufacturers and processors are local, and our family forever stands behind the growth of our country.

Our CBD is superb. Because we care so much about this plant, we decided to produce a full-spectrum CBD extract, as opposed to the typical isolate. This creates an entourage effect, and promotes the full harmony of CBD healing.

When we say bulletproof, we mean it. Nobody knows what the FDA regulations will be, or how it will change the industry. By controlling the supply-chain, we offer extreme resilience across every step of the way.

Here’s what the professionals have to say about us:

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and I have been using Franny's CBD oil and healing lotion for about 9 months. My clients love the results and my body feels great too! Keep up the good work and amazing products, I am a customer for life!
Dustin Allen
This place is glowing with an amazing team. Not only are the members of Franny's Farm professional and knowledgable, they provide a high quality products. They participate in the local community by collaborating with other businesses and by attending events, educating the public on this plant that helps the body heal.
Appalachian Guild of Healing Arts
You can always tell when a team is passionate about what they are doing and this is definitely one of those teams. Knowledgeable and friendly staff trying to help their community!
Matthew Westbrook

Franny’s Farmacy. A secure supply chain, that ensures quality at wholesale prices. That’s a winning business model.

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