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Seed to Sale with Franny’s Farmacy – Weed Budz Radio

Franny Tacy may have been the first female hemp farmer in North Carolina but one does not get that title without taking a few risks. There were no seasoned professionals when Franny put plants into the ground. She had to blaze her own trails and look to the earth for guidance.

As a constant student of all things agriculture, Franny left the comfort of a stable paycheck and took on the challenge of building a fully integrated business from seed to sale. Franny started the farm, found the products, started selling them, and now building more stores and educating the public.

If you are looking for motivation to stop waiting and start doing, you came to the right place. Join us and learn how Franny built this iconic brand and sets out to inspire others every single day!

Host: Ry Russell

To learn more about Franny’s CBD and Hemp products, visit her website:

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