What's Coming in 2022 for Franny's Farmacy!

What’s Coming in 2022 for Franny’s Farmacy!

At Franny’s Farmacy, we are focused on continuous improvement across all aspects of our business. This means improving all of our overall processes, services, and products. All of these factors drive value to our organization, empower our employees, optimize performance at all levels, and affect change.

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What we’re looking to do is affect change at every position in the company, from all employess, to all of the products we sell, how we sell them, and the services we use to sell to our customers.

This means our employees will be integrated in more of our processes at all levels, as we have manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales, and brick and mortar facilities where we have retail operations.

fAs we collaborate and enhance our communication between departments, and we know more about what we sell and how we sell it, we affect change. And what we want to do is make that change enhance our value to our customers.

When we enhance our value to our customers, we are building the model to grow and thrive. And so that’s what we want to do to compete and to have a competitive edge. At Franny’s Farmacy, we’re not satisfied with the status quo. We want to grow, and become better.

Zan and Franny