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What is Sublingual Tincture CBD Oil?

CBD Oil:

First, let’s discuss the pervasive nature of CBD oil these days. It has turned up on every corner, in every town. Gas stations, grocery stores, etc. Do you want to buy your medicine at a gas station? Then ask yourself, why are some products cheaper than ours? Remember the old adage, you get what you pay for in this world! We only use three products in our natural tincture.

Low Price? Run!

Leave it to good ole’ capitalism to create a rush of cheap, knock-off CBD products to the market. Even the FDA is noticing the high frequency of products in the marketplace that have little to no actual CBD within the products. Do you want to take a risk with what you place in your body, just to save a few bucks?

I like to evaluate CBD Tinctures/Oils with a 4-point test.  

  1. Ingredients – This one honestly entertains me.  We see tinctures with upwards of 8-10 ingredients. This is similar to buying olive oil with 9 ingredients. It just does not make sense .  The active ingredient in CBD is exactly that – CBD. If you know anything about CBD then you know that 90%+ tinctures on the market contain CBD Isolate.  CBD Isolate comes in powder and crystalline forms. CBD isolate can be taken as pure isolate, without anything else. However in the world of tincture it will need a carrier oil in order to properly dissolve and be delivered.  That’s it folks…active ingredient (CBD) and carrier oil. Anything else is a filler meant to stretch the product.
  2. Size – Size does matter.  You have to understand the relationship between potency and size in order to make an informed decision.  Just because a bottle says 1000mg of CBD doesn’t mean you’re getting the same dose with any size bottle. If the bottle size is 15ml then your getting one dose, if it is 30ml a different dose and if it is 60ml then another.  
  3. Potency – We’re seeing potencies range from 100-thousands of milligrams. For example, a 100 MG bottle could end up being a pricy endeavor if you’re looking for a large dose.   There’s a scale of economy in our tinctures. Meaning that the higher you go in potency the lower the cost per mg of CBD.
  4. Cost – Yes, I know you can buy a tincture online for $20.  I also know that it is super low dose and may or may not even contain CBD at all.  If you find good quality CBD that has a traceable history it should cost between $50 – 150.  

Why Trust Frannys?

Franny’s Farmacy is completely vertically integrated.  Which means that we grow, process, manufacture, package, wholesale and retail all within our local network of business.  I would encourage you to visit one of our dispensaries to ensure you are getting what you pay for. Click here to shop our tinctures.

Jeff Tacy – CEO – Franny’s Brand