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What does delivery method mean?

Delivery Method is simply the process you choose to get CBD into your system. High quality CBD is expensive, so I recommend gaining an understanding of the various delivery methods and their “Rate of Absorption”.

Common Delivery Methods

The most common Delivery Methods are sublingual tincture/oil, capsules, edibles, vapes, topicals and flower.  Tincture/oil is very popular CBD  oil and is most commonly taken orally. It is recommended to hold under your tongue for 30-60 seconds.  Humans have a lot of blood vessels and veins in our mouth that can absorb quickly. Once swallowed, the rate of absorption decreases significantly.


Another popular delivery method is edibles. Edibles are eaten and enter the bloodstream through the digestive system.  The bioavailability of cannabis that has been eaten is around 20% (1). That means 80% of the CBD is digested and not absorbed into the bloodstream.  This is not a very efficient delivery method, although it remains inexpensive and convenient.

Vapes and Flower

Vapes and flower are an increasingly popular delivery method for consuming CBD.  Our lungs have lots of receptors with a direct link to our blood system. Even so the bioavailability is still only around 30% (1). The most functional difference between smoking and eating CBD is the activation time-frame.  The lungs will deliver your dose almost immediately, while ingested doses can take up to an hour.


An increasingly exciting delivery method involves topicals. Topicals apply to the skin (Epidermis – our largest organ).  Chemicals applied to the skin absorb and made available faster than both oral and inhalation methods. Have localized pain in your joints? Try our healing salve! Want to relax? Try one of our bath bombs! Want to clean with CBD? Purchase one of our soaps! Hemp oil has so many great uses!


Finally, everyone’s favorite method of delivery, through the rectum! To some, it might be an uneasy topic, but we can’t deny its efficiency! Taking CBD rectally will deliver a whopping 60%+ bioavailability (1).   Although it may not be for everyone, but patients going through certain treatments typically need above-average doses to achieve desired results.


Jeff Tacy – CEO – Franny’s Brand

  1. CBD – A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis.  Leonard Leinow & Juliana Birnbaum. 2017