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CBD: Can you Fail a Drug Test?

A common question in today’s CBD field is, “Can you fail a drug test?” There are several ways to answer this question, but in a word, “No!”

Difference Between CBD & THC?

First and foremost, CBD is a term loosely used and must be understood in order to comprehend the risks of CBD and drug testing.  CBD as an isolate, which does not contain THC. Historically, drug tests have screened for THC. CBD isolate is what we’re seeing in 90% plus of the products hitting the market.   

Also worth noting, full-spectrum CBD commonly contains THC cannabinoids. Full-Spectrum CBD products typically contain many different THC cannabinoids. This is commonly referred to as Total THC.  However, only the THC9 Cannabinoid has psychoactive properties that get you high.

Theoretically, drug screens test just for THC9. However, instead they test for all THC.  On the positive side; a second level screening separates the THC cannabinoids distinguishes between THC9 and non-psychoactive THC.

So how can I make a decision?

From my perspective, there are many variables to consider when discussing the possibilities of positive screens.  Key variables include: Body composition, hydration, exercise, product potency, delivery method, and quantity of consumption. Normal doses of CBD in normal circumstances leave little risk of failing a drug screen.     

My advice, do your own homework.  Come visit one of our amazing bud tenders. Another idea, speak to your HR Department and let them know your plans!

As always, thanks for listening and talk soon!

Jeff Tacy – CEO – Franny’s Brand