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TribeTokes CBD Concentrate Cartridges – 1g

TribeTokes CBD vape oil cartridges are a high end, additive free product, featuring only two ingredients: CO2 extracted full spectrum CBD distillate and natural plant terpenes. This results not only in super tasty, strain-specific taste profiles, but also strain-specific “entourage effects” of the sativa, indica, and hybrid options they have created. 

  • MediHaze (Sativa) – 55.59% CBD, 10.79% CBG
  • Mango Haze (Sativa) – 54.46% CBD, 10.57% CBG
  • Remedy (Indica) – 53.82% CBD, 10.36% CBG
  • Sweet Sour Widow (Indica) – 54.67% CBD, 10.58% CBG
  • Sour Tsunami (Hybrid) – 54.26% CBD, 10.43% CBG
  • Juicy Fruit (Hybrid) – 54.31% CBD, 10.87% CBG
  • 1 gram cartridges
  • Approximately 550mg of CBD per unit
  • Non-Intoxicating

These are 510-threaded, ceramic-core cartridges, that feature a rubber stopper and screw cap on the threaded end both for cleanliness and to prevent leaking in transit. They fit most 510 threaded batteries, including our O.Pens. 

This product is intended for use by those 18 years of age and above.

All hemp products offered by Franny’s Farmacy have been tested and found to be Farm Bill compliant. While concentrations per strain may vary, all products contain <.3% Delta 9 THC. All hemp products offered by Franny’s Farmacy are held to rigorous standards, and have been tested for mold, heavy metals, and pesticide to ensure the highest possible quality smoke for you.

  • Full Spectrum CBD

$ 70.00

1 gram cartridges, Approximately 550mg of CBD per unit

What’s the difference between Sativa and Indica?

While there is a botanical answer to this question, regarding growing habit and cultivation cycle, most of us are referring to the how the different plants affect us physiologically when consumed. 

In general, Sativa strains are known for a more cerebral high, with energizing and mood enhancing benefits. These are great for social times, knocking out tasks, and generally enhancing your ability to focus. Indica strains have a more sleepy, relaxing effect. These are generally preferred when coping with ailments. Hybrids take the best qualities from the strains chosen to create a balanced product that highlights the best of the dominant strain with supporting benefits from the non-dominant strain.

Why choose to vape your CBD?

In general, vaping is a fairly discrete and immediate method of consuming your daily CBD intake. Many folks choose to use this method due to the sheer convenience, however, it is also perhaps one of the most effective and fast acting ways to dose. When choosing a product to vape, the best options are those that are free of Vitamin E acetate or fats, and only ever purchase from a reliable source.