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Plant People Stay Sharp Capsules (450mg)

Plant People’s Stay Sharp capsules are a high-performance blend of regeneratively grown, USA-origin hemp extract (CBD), herbal nootropics and adaptogens that assist in brain health, focus, mental clarity and function.


  • 15mg of USA-grown Hemp CBD extract + 525mg Herbal Blend per capsule 
  • Bacopa to improve cognition, mood, and memory
  • Celastrus, also known as “the intellect tree”, to boost neurological function
  • Rhodiola to combat mental and physical fatigue
  • Cordyceps to provide energy and stamina
  • Designed to enhance your daily brain function

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Why take an herbal supplement for cognitive function?

We all know that CBD and cannabinoids are a great support for lots of ailments, but have you ever tried it in conjunction with adaptogen blends? The combination of CBD hemp extract along with the proprietary herbal blend from Plant People, when taken daily, has the ability to potentially moderate your experienced ailments without feeling sleepy or sluggish. We love this product and think that you will too!

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