Hemp Dog Shampoo Bar

Dog Hemp Shampoo Bar

We are proud to offer Franny’s Farmacy Hemp Dog Shampoo Bars. The dog shampoo bar begins with a base of hempseed oil, vegetable shortening, olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil. These oils work together to create a gentle yet moisturizing bar of soap that is suited to cleanse your dog’s fur without stripping away all of their natural oils. Hempseed oil helps to improve the condition of the skin and fur, as well as helps to reduce shedding. Aloe vera gel helps to draw moisture to the skin and helps to relieve irritated, itchy skin. All of the essential oils were specifically chosen for the benefits they offer to dogs. Lavender essential oil is very calming for dogs and is soothing for irritated skins including allergies and burns. Peppermint essential oil is a natural pest repellent, mood lifter, and provides relief for sore muscles and joints. Cedarwood essential oil is also a natural pest repellent and reduces dandruff. Rose geranium is soothing for skin irritations and repels ticks. Eucalyptus essential oil softens their skin and also reduces fleas and parasites. Carrot seed oil is
very gentle and good for many different skin ailments and helps to speed healing and reduce scarring.

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