Healing CBD Balm Stick 200mg

We are proud to offer Franny’s Farmacy CBD Infused Healing Sticks with less than 0.3% THC and 200mg of CBD-containing, full spectrum hemp oil.  Beeswax creates a protective layer between skin and the environment while allowing skin to breathe, supports cell reconstruction and health, and has natural anti-inflammatory properties reducing redness and puffiness. It is also naturally antiviral and antibacterial. Coconut oil helps to improve skin elasticity and collagen production, and nourishes dry, chapped skin. Shea butter is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that aid in the production of collagen, helps with skin ailments such as acne, eczema, and rashes, and reduces inflammation. CBD is helpful in reducing inflammation, providing pain relief, treating acne, treating skin infections, and much more. Peppermint Essential Oil has soothing and cooling abilities, helps with sore muscles, reducing acne, headache and nausea relief, reduces inflammation, and increases concentration. Rosemary Essential Oil increases circulation, reduces puffiness, is antimicrobial, protects skin cells from sun damage and free radicals, and reduces pain and inflammation. Use this product on sore muscles or joints causing you pain, bug bites, skin irritations, acne spots, and more.

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