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Breast Milk Boosting Balm

Franny’s Farmacy Breast Milk Boosting Balm is a product designed to enhance the life of new moms. Being a new mom can be stressful!

This product is designed to relax mom through aromatherapy, and boost milk production through a combination of stress reduction through lavender and chamomile, and basil as a galactagogue (a substance to boost milk supply).


  • CBD Free
  • Features Tallow, loaded with Vitamins A, D, and K for skin health
  • Basil essential oil to boost milk production and supply
  • Hemp seed oil to boost skin absorption
  • Lavender and chamomile to soothe mom and relax
  • Relaxed mom means better milk supply
  • 100% Vertically Integrated
  • Paraben Free
  • Small Batches
  • Gluten Free

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Ingredients: Tallow, Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Fragrance (Basil Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil)


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Suggested Use: Apply directly to breasts, lymph nodes, or on your spine near chest area (your bra line), one to two times daily. Not to be applied directly to nipple area.

What is the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil?

Hemp seed oil is taken from the seed of cannabis plant, and is pressed like any other seed oil that you may use. Hemp seed does not contain any cannabinoids. This means that hemp seed oil is 100% THC free, yet we still reap many health benefits internally and topically from the high amounts of antioxidants, Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids contained within. CBD (cannabidiol) is just one of the 113 cannabinoids found within the cannabis flower. 

Why buy Franny’s Farmacy Breast Milk Boosting Balm?

We value high quality and full transparency. You will never find silly gimmicks with our products, just good, clean wellness inspired items. We support local by purchasing from local farmers, makers, and craftspeople whenever possible. We are Certified Living Wage employers for our staff.