Franny's 420 Goat Toker Box

Franny’s 420 Goat Toker Box

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Unveil the ultimate 4/20 adventure with Franny’s Farmacy’s New 420 Box – your all-in-one cannabis kit! Packed with essentials and exclusive goodies, this limited edition box features our iconic Franny’s Farmacy snapback hat, a sleek Crusher OG grinder, the must-try Goat Toker mini prerolls, and our signature Franny’s matches. Choose your journey with a 3.5g jar of premium THCA flower, available in two strains: Apple Fritter (sativa dominant) for a sweet, euphoric experience, or Yoda’s Breath (indica dominant) for a powerful, calming effect. Plus, keep your lips smooth with our soothing lip balm. Perfect for enthusiasts and adventurers alike, grab yours and celebrate 4/20 in style!


Goat Toker THCA 4 mini Pre Rolls, Franny’s Matches, Full Spectrum Hemp Healing Lip Balm, Glass Pipe By Pulsar, 1 Gram of Premium THCa Hemp Flower

Franny’s Black Snapback Hat, Goat Toker THCA 4 mini Pre Rolls, Crusher OG Grinder, 3.5g Jar (Apple Fritter or Yoda’s Breath), Franny’s Matches & Full Spectrum Hemp Healing Lip Balm

Pulsar Bubbler, Cali Crush Grinder Grateful Dead x Pulsar Dab Mat, Franny’s Goat Toker THCa 4 mini Pre Rolls, 3.5g Jar (Apple Fritter or Yoda’s Breath), Franny’s Matches, Full Spectrum Hemp Healing Lip Balm, and a Franny’s Beanie



Dive into the ultimate celebration of 4/20 with Franny’s Farmacy’s New 420 Box, thoughtfully curated to elevate your cannabis experience. This limited edition box is your passport to unparalleled joy and relaxation, meticulously assembled to cater to both connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

At the heart of this exclusive offering is the iconic Franny’s Farmacy snapback hat, a stylish addition to your wardrobe that proudly displays your love for premium cannabis culture. Accompanying this is the Crusher OG grinder, a robust and efficient tool designed to finely grind your herbs, unlocking their full aroma and potency for an exceptional experience.
For those who appreciate the convenience and quality of pre-rolled cannabis, the Goat Toker mini prerolls are a revelation. Expertly rolled for a smooth, consistent burn, these four 0.25g mini prerolls are perfect for on-the-go enjoyment, sharing with friends or on a walk with a four legged friend.

No 4/20 celebration is complete without the ritual lighting, and Franny’s matches are here to add that spark. Whether you’re igniting the mini prerolls or your favorite candle, these matches are a nod to the timeless traditions of cannabis enthusiasts.
The centerpiece of the New 420 Box is the choice between two exclusive strains of THCA flower, each in a 3.5g jar. Choose between Apple Fritter, a strain renowned for its sweet, dessert-like aroma and euphoric effects, or Yoda’s Breath, a strain that offers a profound, calming experience with its unique terpene profile. These high-quality flowers are perfect for discerning users seeking a tailored cannabis journey.
To round off this kit, we’ve included a soothing CBD lip balm, ensuring your lips stay moisturized and comfortable, no matter where your 4/20 adventures take you.
Ideal for gifting or treating yourself, Franny’s Farmacy’s New 420 Box is more than just a collection of products; it’s an invitation to a memorable and joyful 4/20 celebration. Available for a limited time, secure yours today and step into a world of premium cannabis enjoyment tailored for the ultimate enthusiast.

Additional information

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 6 in

Reggie, Mids, Chronic

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