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Franny’s brand offers a high-profile, mission-driven brand with national press that is authentic.

Vertically integrated, franchisees are lifted and supported by every aspect of the business. Franny’s controls their entire CBD supply chain: farms, processing plants, manufacturing, and distribution – ensuring consistency, quality and availability – from “Seed to Shelf, Hemp and Health.”

There is only 1 first female hemp farmer in NC and only 1 first to deliver a TedX on “Hemp as a Crop” and that is Franny, the Owner, Executive and Visionary for the brand!

Franny’s controls its supply chain with vertical integration, eliminating risk while increasing product quality and customer loyalty.

Franny’s backs their products by certificates of analysis (COAs) provided by a DEA-certified testing facility.~ Franny’s offers financial expertise around credit card authorization, point of sale, lending, insurance, etc.

Franny’s offers continuing education/training that includes: buyers’ guides, product descriptions, consumer data, video tutorials, technology insights, and more.

Franny’s provides a data backed, revenue growth strategy.

Franny’s supports you with easy fulfillment (simple products, pricing & ordering process).


Franny’s Farmacy provides an opportunity to purchase our products and resell them at a substantial profit – capitalizing on the success, quality, and recognition of our brand – which can elevate your brand as well.

Private Label

Franny’s Manufacturing supports retailers with an opportunity to private label from an expansive list of our Franny’s Farmacy CBD and hemp products. Franny’s supports the retailers brand development, providing them with customizable CBD and Hemp products.

Advantages of Private label

  1. Building Brand Recognition With private labeling, you have the opportunity to create an image for your brand. Private label CBD products create an identity that makes your brand recognizable. With this, you can build brand loyalty among your customers.
  2. Control Your Brand Identity You have the control over the look, ingredients, labeling, marketing, and all aspects of operating your business and building the brand loyalty. Private label products are manufactured exclusively for the brand, differentiating you from competitors.
  3. Tap into emerging and Niche Markets: There is opportunity with supplying first to market demands for niche products and being the trend-setting brand. Often with large companies, it takes time to incorporate new products because their strategy is to buy companies or private label products that other businesses created. Here is your opportunity to be that business.
  4. Determine your profit by managing your inventory. Private labeling gives the wholesaler control over pricing.
  5. Scalability- You control your stock so you can scale as your business grows.

Benefits of a Launching your Business with Private Labeling

Franny’s Manufacturing supports retailers with an opportunity to private label from an expansive list of our Franny’s Farmacy CBD and hemp products. Franny’s supports the retailers brand development, providing them with customizable CBD and Hemp products.

Drop Shipping

This feature is for established merchants that want to expand their business with quarterly contract commitment terms and a minimum monthly order of $500. You may find that starting a Franny’s Franchise and getting plugged into a proven system will be the best way to launch a new business. Let us help you and together we thrive.

Advantages of Drop Shipping

There are many benefits to drop shipping your products, which include:

  • Not keeping inventory on-hand: The main advantage of drop shipping is that you only buy inventory from your vendor when you sell something.
  • Low overhead costs: Since you don’t keep inventory on-hand, you don’t have to store it.
  • Reach more customers: When you store and sell your own inventory, you can be limited to who you sell to by your location. It can be expensive to ship items across the United States. But, with drop shipping, you can strategically pick vendors in different locations. You can easily sell products to wherever potential customers are.
  • Diversify your product line: Since you don’t have to purchase stock upfront, you can add different items without any additional costs. This is a great advantage for already established merchants who want to expand their business.
  • Start selling right away: If you’re just starting out as a new merchant, drop shipping is a great way to get your business up and running, fast. Without having to invest in inventory and somewhere to store it, you need little money upfront to start.
  • All of these benefits are great. But, before you get ahead of yourself and start drop shipping, you need to know about the complications of this alternative fulfillment process.

The Disadvantages of Drop Shipping

While looking risk-free at the surface level, drop shipping has some considerable complications that you need to consider.

  • Low margins: As product moves hands from the manufacturer to the consumer, the markup on the price keeps getting higher. However, in a competitive market, you have to continually lower your price to compete. This causes you to sell to at very low margins, or even at a loss sometimes!
  • Picking the right vendor: Finding and establishing good business relationships with the right vendors with the best prices can be difficult.
  • Unreliable vendors: The best and worst part of drop shipping is that you rely on your vendors to always have in-stock products and to make correct shipments. But, what if they don’t have an item in stock that you just sold? Or, their shipment doesn’t make it to the customer?
  • They fix it, right? No. It’s your job. The vendor is invisible to your customers, remember? Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to deal with these situations and cover costs when you need to.

Using multiple vendors : Merchants will often use multiple vendors to ensure in-stock products, select the best prices… it’s very complex to manage multiple vendors fulfilling different orders. If you don’t do it right, it can cost you your business.

Shipping costs: Shipping costs can total up quick when you’re using multiple vendors to ship different parts of one order, or product. If not handled strategically, drop shipping isn’t cost-effective for you anymore… if not handled well, it can ruin your business.