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Here at Franny’s Farmacy we are a communal family made up of farmers and friends, movers and shakers. We are dedicated to bringing you, our customers, quality products from seed to sale. We proudly work toward the grander purpose of revitalizing our agricultural community and serving as an example of innovative teamwork. Hemp used in Franny’s Farmacy products in grown, sown, processed and packaged locally.

We are honored to bring you the quality products, grown by hard-working hands on Franny’s Farm and by our team of dedicated farmers across the region. When you make a purchase from Franny’s Farmacy, not only are you supporting local farmers – you are helping to promote sustainable farming!

Say hi to Franny

An ever-inspiring farmer, Franny is rocking the hemp scene in North Carolina. Calling Asheville home since 1999, she has degrees and work experience in Forestry and Education, and over a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Along with husband Jeff and their son Zach, they built their family farm in the winter of 2012. Known as Franny’s Farm, it serves as an agritourism hub, welcoming visitors from all over the world to stay in one of the many lodging options, celebrate a farm wedding, do yoga with goats and enjoy local music festivals. Franny was the first female farmer in North Carolina to plant industrial hemp and has entered the scene with a powerful force.

About the Farm

Franny’s Farm was founded in 2012 by Jeff, Frances, Zach & Blue Tacy.

Our farm is located in Leicester, North Carolina only 10 miles from downtown Asheville. We are dedicated to family, sustainability, ethical business and offering an organic farm for visitors to celebrate, learn, explore, relax and have a memorable time. Franny’s Farm is at the core an organic, sustainable farm that is home to many animals such as chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats and a donkey.

There are vegetable, fruit, flower, bee and pollinator gardens as well as a u-pick blueberry hill. We serve as an event venue and host farm weddings and festivals such as Hemp X & Asheville BARNAROO. Our facility is available for public and private events, educational opportunities, and getaways in our eco cabins.

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