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Double Whammy 4/20 at Franny’s: Celebrating Cannabis Culture and Craft

  This past 4/20 was monumental for Franny’s Farmacy, as we hosted not one, but two landmark events that celebrated cannabis culture in style. At Franny’s Farm, we kicked off the festivities with our annual “4/20 Fest,” and then turned up the excitement with “How We Roll: The Experience” at The Standard Hotel.

    4/20 Fest at Franny’s Farm

    Our beloved 4/20 Fest at Franny’s Farm was a hit, drawing enthusiasts and newcomers alike to celebrate under the sun with live music, local food vendors, and plenty of our premium hemp products. The event was a vibrant mix of education and entertainment, providing a perfect backdrop for community members to learn about the benefits of hemp and CBD, while enjoying the natural beauty of Franny’s Farm.



    Vendors and Sponsors

    A huge thank you to our sponsors and the eclectic vendors who added so much flair and fun to the festival:

    • Vendors: Ramblin’ Rose Vintage, 420 Love Street, Indigo Moon, Peculiar Persona, Golden Thread Guild, Fae Clothing, Earthfare, Levity, Delta8 Beverages, and Earthy. Special attractions included AVL Face Painting by Chloe and Fairy Hair by Sloan, which added a magical touch to the festivities.
    • Music: The atmosphere was charged with amazing performances by local bands Floral Hygienists, Andrew Scotchie, and David Earl 4, who set the perfect vibe with their incredible tunes throughout the day.

      How We Roll at The Standard Hotel

      The excitement continued into the evening as we shifted venues to The Standard Hotel for an exclusive event titled “How We Roll: The Experience.” Hosted by Noah Rubin, author and former Editor In Chief at Merry Jane, this hands-on joint rolling workshop was a highlight of the day. Participants learned the art of rolling with Franny’s own hemp flower. Noah, with his rich background in music journalism and cannabis culture from his time at Merry Jane and Mass Appeal, brought a unique blend of storytelling and skill to the session.


      Exclusive Insights from Noah Rubin

      During the event, Noah shared insights from his fascinating career journey, from his early days at Mass Appeal to producing albums with the Wu-Tang Clan, and eventually leading the charge at Snoop Dogg’s Merry Jane. His stories provided a deeper understanding of the intertwining worlds of music, media, and marijuana. Attendees not only learned about joint rolling using Franny’s Flower but also about the cultural impact of cannabis through Noah’s experiences.

      Satisfying Munchies

      Post-workshop, attendees indulged in “incredible, limited edition Sundae treats,” perfectly satisfying the munchies that come hand-in-hand with good cannabis. The atmosphere was relaxed and joyful, as participants kicked back, enjoyed their freshly rolled joints, and mingled over delicious snacks.


      A Day To Remember

      This double event was more than a celebration; it was a statement of our commitment to fostering a knowledgeable and passionate cannabis community. We at Franny’s Farmacy are proud to provide spaces where education, expertise, and enjoyment come together.

      Thank you to everyone who joined us for making this 4/20 a memorable one. For those who couldn’t make it, we missed you, but there’s always next year, which promises to be even bigger and better. Stay tuned for more exciting events at Franny’s Farmacy!